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Andrew “Dabbin_Dart_DR” Hammack Dabbin_Dart_DR
1 12-04-18


Name Game Role Type Participants Dibuat Progress
Way to go Aaron!! Making me do this!! Play well Participant DE 17 02-22-19
WARRIORS COME OUTTTT AND PLAYYYY! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Participant DE 16 02-17-19
Sign up midnight gang let's goooo 🤙 Ace of Spades Participant DE 20 02-17-19
FRIDAY NIGHT C-A HANDICAPPED! Darts Participant DE 25 02-15-19
GTL WEEK 3, A-AA Darts Participant DE 12 02-10-19
My last tounrey.... until tomorrow Where is Gio Participant DE 23 02-07-19
A-S NO HANDICAP (8PM CENTRAL TIME) $10 ENTRY Darts Admin DE 1 02-06-19
Stop reading... SIGN UP! Participant DE 26 01-28-19
Tweeelllllveeeee-Teeeennnnnnn Participant DE 16 01-28-19
A-AA WEEK 2 Darts Participant DE 12 01-20-19
Get drunk and be somebody Drinking Admin DE 15 01-19-19
READ THE RULES!! Hidden message Reply with your ID to my comment Participant DE 21 01-18-19
AA-C rating $10 entry 8:00pm cst start tourney cricket/01 Darts Organizer DE 11 01-16-19
Put your Gio (Handicap) ON DOIN THE DARTS Participant DE 23 01-09-19
Handicap tourney Read the rules Participant DE 21 01-08-19